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Looking for a somewhat nerdy loner girlfriend


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Comments 69 1of69"Home Alone" is the Christmas classic in which 8-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left behind after his family takes off to Paris for Christmas. Click through to see what some of the cast members are doing now Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 2of69It was another in writer John Hughes' long repertoire of iconic films in the '80s and '90s. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 3of69Two doofy bandits find Kevin's palatial family home and target it for girlfrisnd Christmastime heist.

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Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 16of69Ratray's roles were sporadic in the '90s, but picked up again in recent years. EmreBilge 23 April The "nerd" Ronald Miller doesn't appreciate his group of friends and their activities of playing cards and video games.

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Savenok, Getty 17of69"Buzz, your girlfriend, woof! Photo: woofmaker. The hirlfriend burglars doggedly try to break in by whatever means possible, despite Kevin's elaborate obstacles constantly kicking their butts. He worked tirelessly in the '80s with prominent or leading roles in "Blues Brothers," "Stripes," "Splash," "Spaceballs" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Looking for a somewhat nerdy loner girlfriend

He is He also stars in "The Irishman," just released on Netflix. He didn't take a step back and vowed to fight Quint if he wouldn't let Kenneth go.

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Lessons most of us don't learn at high school, but when we're older. The movie gives the youth the life lessons that things you are craving now are not what they seem like, are not really what really matters in life and will not necessarily make you happy in the long term. He is also fed up with going "the long route through the library" instead of simply walking "the cool hallway" en route to his class, sitting at the corners of the cafeteria and the "visiting section" at his "own school" to watch his school team's matches.

Here's what they look like today Photo: James Devaney, FilmMagic 61of69"Bridget Jones's Diary" follows the life of a year old who decides to straighten out her life around the holidays.

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Foe was also impressed with the brief scene with the African-American teacher netdy the older female school principal from intervening in the fight. So what may happen next? They can also draw lessons as age alone does not necessarily make one mistake-proof and there is always ground for further improvement. But they will respect each other more. Then, he reminded Quint how once they were all friends, Quint fell out of Ronald's tree house and Kenneth picked him up and the two carried him 12 blocks to the hospital and now he wants to kill Kenneth because he's talking to one somfwhat the cheerleaders on their "side of the cafeteria".

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 26of69Larry Hankin has appeared in almost everything you've ever watched.

Depressed: no friends, no life • storied mind

Second, the movie does not merely have the generic light-hearted elements of the genre such as parties, relationships, the feud between the different social "layers" in high school. You'd think they'd give up, but apparently the McAllisters must have some good loot. Photo: Time Life Pictures, Getty 5of69Joe Pesci played Harry, one of the two bumbling burglars dedicated to terrorizing Kevin and pulling off a big heist at his family's house.

The World. He seemed like a far-sighted teacher. He was perfectly cognizant of the situation and the high emotions on the two opposite camps, but still let Ronald express his wounds and insecurities growing inside of him for a long time and let him reach a resolution for himself with perhaps positive consequences for all schoolmates.

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Click through to see what some of the cast members are doing now Photo: Wellsville Productions 24of69Maronna is now more of a backstage guy, serving as an electrician for dozens of hit movies and TV shows, but he did play a prominent role in 's "Slackers" with Jason Segel, LLooking Sawa, Jason Schwartzman and Laura Prepon. He seemed cognizant that the fight could lead to a rapprochement and understanding between the two camps and lowering the barriers.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 2of69It was another in writer John Hughes' long repertoire of iconic films in the '80s and '90s. You can now any image in Buzz's picture frame to create a custom GIF of this classic moment.

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She is George Costanza got into a big fight with him about raisins and Kramer was jealous that someone else was olner him in Jerry's show. He's been acting in films and girlfriendd TV shows ever since, appearing in everything from 'Deadwood' to 'Transformers. Best of the genre for its suspenseful story and the messages it gives. Ronald was so regretful of going out of himself, his personality, rejecting his friends, his terrible behaviour against his best friend Kenneth and furious at the unjust attitude of the popular group against him, his friends and the other outcasts at the school that he couldn't take it anymore which gave him the courage to stand up to Quint for Kenneth.

He was Lpner Warner Bros.

He died in at age q Stern was reaching the peak of his acting career in and was serving as the narrator of "The Wonder Years" on TV. Congratulations to the director Steve Rash, the writer Michael Swerdlick and the cast. Photo: Screen Gems 25of69Larry Hankin played the small role of Officer Balzak, who fielded Kate's frantic phone call when she panics about Kevin being left at home. The giirlfriend paragraphs may contain some spoilers.

His plan goes smoothly at first for quite a good amount of time after which things take a terrible turn. To make matters worse, he has Lookinh crush on the head cheerleader, Cindy. Kevin goes all out to make the house look occupied and deter the criminals, but then lays a series of traps for them on the night they plan to strike.

She dedicated her time to judo and represented the United States on its judo team in the and summer Olympics.

Looking for a somewhat nerdy loner girlfriend

Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd. Kevin whined about having to possibly sleep next to him because Fuller routinely peed the bed.

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Midnight snacks are the best. Photo: Jon Furniss Photography, Associated Press 40of69Andrew Lincoln pictured in played the lovelorn Mark, who expressed his feelings for his best friend's wife sommewhat poster board. The showdown between Ronald and the fiercest jock despite not being the leaderQuint, which was caused by Quint's harassing Kenneth, his former best friend he ditched to be with the popular group, wasn't expected and was dramatic with perhaps long-time consequences for the informal caste system of the school.

Ronald now did really grow up, didn't he? He also played Tom Pepper in "Seinfeld," who played Kramer in the show's pilot within the show.

Looking for a somewhat nerdy loner girlfriend

Whether or not Ronald became popular or got Cindy is besides the point and which is what places this movie in a different and special place among its genre.