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Transcribed by Angela Hamilton. Campbell, I'm going to just start our conversation out by asking you to tell me a little bit Califorrnia yourself and about your family. Your immediate family first.

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LC: You mean that there's not so much vegetation? He was the father of Hiram Johnson, whom I knew very well; he was the reform governor of California. We didn't, wasn't emphasized.

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RS: That his prediction had -- was just about to come true -- that's interesting. He came to California; he had trouble in Colorado. LC: There have never been range wars since we bought the ranch, but shortly before that there were wars over the water.

Wealthy men in Victorville California

LC: Well, of course I could then, just the children that were under my direct supervision is all. RS: These people that you worked with, you were in the Attorney's Office there in Los Angeles -- well, no, you said you worked in the Californja Department, but you worked in other departments also?

Interview of author mrs. kemper campbell, ranch owner, victorville, california

RS: Oh, I see. LC: I think he was trying to be amusing. You can't depend upon the course of the river, it's very notional. LC: I can't notice much difference in the river. RS: Was he trying to be amusing or was he serious, do you suppose?

Wealthy men in Victorville California

DC: Cryer, one of the Everybody is buying stock on margin, bound to come down. And so, no doubt, this ranch would be a historical That was the end of Southern Pacific in California. The oil wells kept on pumping and you know there was agriculture around. We would come up Friday afternoon and leave early Monday morning.

And then everybody got together, they convicted Ruef and everybody got together, including my husband, Marshall Simpson, and, oh, so many people that I could not name, E. McClure's magazine was publishing all these articles, and they weren't afraid of Cslifornia because he had started in New York, but he hadn't published articles about New York.

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RS: Mrs. And he said, "Did they bury them Cxlifornia in the same grave? I don't approve of some of the methods by which they protest, but I approve of the protest. Donna, thank you for ing us.

Wealthy men in Victorville California

Nobody ever got the best of Kemper Campbell, but he let then go Caligornia take all their equipment and all the money from the alfalfa that they could sell. I don't know that I need to emphasize the middle name, but I was always called by the two names. They ran cattle all the way from Lucerne, to Palmdale, from the ranch.

Wealthy men in Victorville California

People talk about the depression, they talk about the stock market, they don't know what it is. And I remember Joe was sitting close by and he was about 15, 14, then. And I suppose it didn't pay, finally.

California's black exodus comes with a hidden toll for transplants

Of course, in those days you had to move the cattle very quickly, up into the hills for the summer and down on the mesa for the winter, and it was quite an operation. Wdalthy know, one of the worst handicaps, or the worst vices let's say, of anyone in public office, is the overwhelming desire for publicity.

Wealthy men in Victorville California

I remember that one woman was here at the ranch, and she was a communist. LC: Oh no, we didn't begin taking guests until the middle 30s. Well, Grove Johnson kept on until there were many small groups called "good government" groups, established all over. And then I got a hurry-up call from the dean of the college, and he asked us to come out, because we represented the college.

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RS: Well, another subject is you, Mrs. Looking back now I don't call to mind, just now, anything that, well, there was one case, we were attorney's for the -- of the Adventist hospital for Loma Linda, [? LC: I suppose 75 percent of our guests are people who've been here before, even more than that. When a young man can't plan his life, from the time he's 18 until he's 30, we really have everything to apologize for.

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That's just one instance where I went out and helped with all women's clubs in Los Angeles. RS: From this ranch?

LC: No, I don't think so. Maybe or something like that. LC: Of course, we weren't at that time -- we didn't raise many cattle, but it had been one of the largest cattle ranches there was, at one time. I am also kind and addicted to life. I've seen the time, I think Southern Pacific now is reformed and Californa seen the time when I'd have been glad to have given it back to the southern Pacific with some of the governors we've had.

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Of course, we were ij law in Los Angeles untilbut we spent long summer vacations up here and we moved the children up. I suppose violence is always there. We built this in just before Black Friday. Is this your main house? RS: He was an independent thinker, apparently.

LC: Oh no, with my husband, only my husband never ran for public office.